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My last high school ball

'On the 13th of June I attended my last school ball along with about 500 other Orewa college year 12 and 13 students.  This year it was held at Eden park in Auckland. It was a day of excitement and anxiety.  As it was my last school ball and it being a momentous moment I thought I would inform you on my preparation for the ball and my whole high school ball experience.  My best friend who did a beauty therapy and a makeup course did my make up and nails for me while my mum who is a hairdresser did my hair.  I got my dress from Bridal and Ball in Albany and it was amazing. 
I used the Dove summer glow self tanning moisturiser for normal to dark skin every second night after my shower before bed for the two weeks leading up to the ball so I didn't look like a ghost and it worked really well and gave me a nice subtle tan.  This was great as I am very pale so did not want a fake tan as I most likely would have gone orange. I would highly recommend this preproduction for any of you …