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Europe Trip Diary entry #3

Hello everyone! 
My life here has slowed down slightly after the excitement of new places and new beginnings!
Tamsin and I have been super busy and unfortunately haven't been able to spend much time up the mountain.  I have also managed to catch a horrible cold so have spent my days off over the weekend recouperating which includes Netflix, hot chocolates and naps.  Naps seem to be a very regular thing amongst the seasonaires here.  Seasonaires are the people who stay and work here for the winter season.
I have, since I last spoke to you managed to have a few nights out and enjoy the nightlife out here which is really good.  I have also met a few really lovely people here and made some friends which makes this part of the world slightly less daunting and more like home.
I have been away for a month today! That seems really crazy as I feel like it's gone so quickly.  For those of you who didn't think I could survive out of the family home! I've made it this far haven't …

Europe Trip Diary Entry #2 13th Feb

I've arrived in Morzine! 
It's lovely here and I have enjoyed my first week.  It's a nice, quant little town and I have enjoyed the low key lifestyle and friendly faces.  Tamsin and I have settled into our little flat and have done a few food shops and even managed to go skiing a couple times.  I am just learning to ski but am already feeling relatively confident on the green and the occasional blue runs.
It is definitely quite a few degrees cooler here than back home although I have packed so that I am well equipped for the harsh French winter (apart from snow boots, which I have since purchased.) It's quite refreshing to wake up and walk outside to the cold crisp air and it's incredibly beautiful to be walking in a winter wonderland with snow all around.  
Here are some photos of my adventures around the town.

So I hope you enjoyed my little update! I apologise for last weeks post being so late!  I thought I had posted it but clearly not! Anyway, see you next week wi…

Europe Trip Diary Entry #1

Hello everyone! I have arrived in Europe after a very unpleasant 36 hour flight!
The trip so far has been great. We landed at about 6:30 am (Uk time).  I am staying at my friend Tamsins grandparents house which we arrived at around 7:30am.  Once we arrived I introduced myself to her lovely grandparents and got settled into the room I am now writing to you from.
We spent the day unpacking and sorting through things.  We went for a short walk around the local Bramhall park for a breath of fresh air.  We fought our exhaustion and jet lag and managed to stay up until around 7:00pm when we both headed straight to bed to crash.
Bramall Hall

When we woke up the morning after it was around 8:00am and we headed down for some breakfast.  I tried some British cereal which I loved.  We then headed out for the day and took a big red double decker bus to Stockport to do some sneaky shopping in Primark, Claire's and Boots before picking up a sim card at 3.  We then caught another bus to Tamsins othe…