Europe Trip Diary Entry #2 13th Feb

I've arrived in Morzine! 

It's lovely here and I have enjoyed my first week.  It's a nice, quant little town and I have enjoyed the low key lifestyle and friendly faces.  Tamsin and I have settled into our little flat and have done a few food shops and even managed to go skiing a couple times.  I am just learning to ski but am already feeling relatively confident on the green and the occasional blue runs.

It is definitely quite a few degrees cooler here than back home although I have packed so that I am well equipped for the harsh French winter (apart from snow boots, which I have since purchased.) It's quite refreshing to wake up and walk outside to the cold crisp air and it's incredibly beautiful to be walking in a winter wonderland with snow all around.  

Here are some photos of my adventures around the town.

So I hope you enjoyed my little update! I apologise for last weeks post being so late!  I thought I had posted it but clearly not! Anyway, see you next week with another post!

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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