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My South Island trip part two!

Hello again! Here is part two of my trip around the South Island with my family earlier this year.  Make sure you check out part one before reading this.
After we spent time exploring around Queenstown we headed off towards Fox Glacier. We arose early that morning as we had a long journey ahead of us.  Although I had a book in hand I felt the need to have my eyes glued to the view outside the car window the entire journey.  
We passed the beautifully clear, blue waters of the Kawarua river and witnessed some shot over jet boat rides and bungy jumps. We also saw the beautiful sights if Mount Aspiring National Park, Mount Cook National Park and Haast Past.   The area surrounding Mount Cook and through that part of the Southern Alps is called the glacier region due to its many glaciers.  Most famously is the Franz Joseph glacier and Fox Glacier.  We visited Fox Glaicer and stayed in the Fox Glacier Lodge …

My South Island trip part one!

My family and I did a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand to start off the year.  My parents and my sister flew down on the 31st while I spent New Years at home with my friends.  They visited Stewart island and Invercargil before I arrived and met them at Invercargil airport.  From Invercargill we departed and headed towards Te Anua.  
Te Anua is a lake with a small town, mostly filled with tourists.  On the second day of my trip we went on a boat cruise through Lake Manapouri then over wilmot pass via bus, then through doubtful sounds.  It was so beautiful with smoky mountains surrounding the water.  A huge bonus was that we also saw dolphins and seals!
Lake Manapouri 

Wilmot pass

A seal scratching on the rock bank

Next we ventured on for a few hours until we hit the bustling streets of Queenstown.  We had lunch in the old mining village of Arrowtown on our way through to Queenstown.  Queenstown was a highlight for me on this trip as it had the best atmosphere.  Everyone was …

Welcome 2016!

I know I'm very late to the bandwagon with the New Years posts and all, but I've just returned from a weeks holiday so I have a little catching up to day after my time off. 
I spent the first two days of 2016 at home with my friends before flew to meet my parents in the South Island on the 2nd who had departed a few days earlier.  I spent a lovely week road tripping around the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.  I had a fantastic time and traveling made me appreciate the beauty of New Zealand and inspired me to take every opportunity to see the world and all its beauty.
Now I'm not one for 'New years resolutions' but as the new year is a way to celebrate the closing of one book and open our hearts to new adventures and experiences that the new year will bring us I made a few goals. 
1) My first goal is to go with the flow.  I'm one of these people who always needs strict plans but in turn is actually terrible at making them.  This year I want to focus on r…