My South Island trip part one!

My family and I did a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand to start off the year.  My parents and my sister flew down on the 31st while I spent New Years at home with my friends.  They visited Stewart island and Invercargil before I arrived and met them at Invercargil airport.  From Invercargill we departed and headed towards Te Anua.  

Te Anua is a lake with a small town, mostly filled with tourists.  On the second day of my trip we went on a boat cruise through Lake Manapouri then over wilmot pass via bus, then through doubtful sounds.  It was so beautiful with smoky mountains surrounding the water.  A huge bonus was that we also saw dolphins and seals!

Lake Manapouri 

Wilmot pass

A seal scratching on the rock bank

Next we ventured on for a few hours until we hit the bustling streets of Queenstown.  We had lunch in the old mining village of Arrowtown on our way through to Queenstown.  Queenstown was a highlight for me on this trip as it had the best atmosphere.  Everyone was young, alive and free. 

 Queenstown sucks you in with its great shopping, food, beautiful views and accents from more places than you knew existed.  Us kiwis in Queenstown felt like the minority amongst such an influx of tourists.  We did a lot of drinking (on dads part mostly), eating as well as going on the gondolas on mount Queenstown and racing each other on the luge (which I won!). We also shopped till we dropped and appreciated the true beauty of the place by walking our toes off exploring the city!


An old miners house

Lake Wakatipu

At the top of the mountain! 

The view of Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown

So that is part one of my South Island trip.  If you would like to see part two make sure you follow so you are notified when the next blog post is up.  The next post features Mount Cook, Fox glacier, Greymouth and Christchurch. 

Love you all,
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