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Puhoi River Kayak Cruise!

So a few weeks ago my family and I did a kayaking cruise down the puhoi river.  We started from Puhoi  township and kayaked all the way to Wenderholm.  This was really, really fun! Although my arms and abs were definitely feeling it the next day.  For anyone in the Northern Auckland area (New Zealand) should definitely give it a go.
Anyway I thought I would share some of the photos we took! 

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my post for today! Next post is coming in the next couple days.
Have a fantastic week!
Love you all, Till next time,  Megan Cook.
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Things I love about Christmas!

So this week I decided to get into the festive spirit! Although this is probably the most festive thing I've done this year with Christmas in mind, I am starting to get more and more excited!  Although I am working so much in the lead up till Christmas and it will be a stressful time I'm looking forward to spent time with family and eat lots of food! So here's my favourite things about Christmas.
1) The sunny weather! In New Zealand we are in the Southern Hemisphere so we are going into summer at the moment and the weather is almost always lovely and warm! It's great to eat Christmas lunch outside and spending time at the beach with the family.

2) Gifting presents! Although I am the worst at purchasing presents for others I love giving people something that makes them smile! I also love the smell of the wrapping paper.  

3) The food! I mean this ones obvious.  Who doesn't like Christmas food? My favourite is probably all the salads and meat selection! My favourite is …

68 days and life update!

The final countdown has started! Not to long yet till I go away.  It's going to go unbelievably fast as I am in the middle of exams right now. After exams I will be working full time right up till Christmas Day six days a week, then I go away for New Years, then spend one night at home before I go away to the South Island for a couple weeks.  Then after I get back from the South Island I only have about two weeks before I go away.  It's exciting times ahead.  Although there are so many things I will miss.  It's a stressful time but I'm so excited to get out, explore and to leave the nest. I have lots to learn and it will be a shock to my system after living in the safe bundle of my parents care.
I have started collecting gear I will need over there.  I bought a ski jacket the other day.  Next on the list are ski pants, goggles and thermals.  I will also need a few more pairs of jeans! I'm running on a low supply.  I have also almost finished a bucket list of places …

My beauty favourites! November, 2015

I hope you all had a fabulous few weeks.  Here are some of my makeup items I have been loving at the moment! Enjoy!
1) Number one is Rimmel, Londons stay matte long lasting pressed powder.  This product is my holy grail setting powder! It helps my makeup stay on so much longer.

2, 3, 4) The next three products are Revlon colour stay eyebrow liner in the colour light dark, Rimmel glam eyes liquid liner and Australis white eyeliner.

5) Number three is Rimmel wake me up concealer.  I think I'm usually the shades ivory or soft beige depending on the season.  Works wonders at covering and brightening those under eye bags.

6) Next is my favourite BB cream! I wear this everyday as my skin breaks out when I wear foundation to often so I just wear BB cream.  It gives a really nice light coverage and leaves my skin looking really luminous and healthy.
6, 7) Last but not least, are my favourite mascaras.  Rimmel scandal eyes extreme and Maybelliene colossal volume extreme.

So there are my favourit…

Creative writing

This is my creative writing I wrote for an internal at school! Thought I might just throw it on here and see what you guys think! 

Creative writing

I sat in a pool of my own despair and displeasure, inside the four walls of the gleaming white room. I could feel his warmth radiating against my cold, insipid, toxic filled skin.  We sat in silence while he held tightly onto my numb hands.  I didn't want him here.  I despised his presence.  I thought I had avoided him altogether since the MRI scan and the first few treatments but he's persistent.  
My mother sits hunched up into a chair on the other side of the room reading a magazine featuring a model with long golden hair.  She looks happy and sun kissed and this makes me feel an ache in the pit of my stomach. This is the most distant I've ever seen my mother when we are here.  The first time round she was the one holding the deep shiny silver bowel beside me not him.  Things are different this time.  
I am older and more aware …