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Europe Trip Diary #6 16th April 2016

Hallo, hello, bonjourno!
I write to you all whilst aboard my flight from Geneva to Olbia, Sardinia.  I left my humble abode which has embraced my presence for the last couple my months at the crack of dawn this morning.  I myself am surviving on about 10 minutes of sleep in the last 24 hours as I partied a little to hard last night, lets be honest here.  Morzine life is definitely not so easy on the liver.   It was a very sad departure as I feel as though not only has Morzine taught me to grow up and live on my own but I also experienced so many new adventures and met some amazing people in my few short months there.
I can now say I am a much more seasoned skier after my time in Morzine and have grown to love the mountains and being attached to a set of skis everyday.  I do have to admit however there were definitely times where I struggled and ended up crying at the top of a mountain but I managed to pull myself through the scary slopes and always felt accomplished and proud of myself …

Europe Trip Diary #7 21/4/16

Wow! It has been a journey!
Sardinias railway systems are certainly difficult and stressfull and with a language barrier it was about 10 times more difficult than it could have been.  I finally made it here in Cagliari after a transfer, a plane ride, lots of waiting and two trains and I have finally arrived thanks to the generosity of those at the train station that helped me.
It's so beautiful already! I love the old rustic look of Italian architecture.  A lot of yellow and orange houses scattered throughout the green grass.  
I'm definitely not accustomed to the heat aswell! Stress mixed with me wearing clothes to cope with the cold in Geneva and the fact I haven't felt anything anywhere near warm temperatures in a very long time calls for a bit of a sweaty mess!
I have spent the last few days cleaning stables, feeding the horses, sweeping, and washing and treating the ponies for lice as well as some riding.  It is quite relaxing here in the afternoons however in the morning…