Europe Trip Diary #7 21/4/16

Wow! It has been a journey!

Sardinias railway systems are certainly difficult and stressfull and with a language barrier it was about 10 times more difficult than it could have been.  I finally made it here in Cagliari after a transfer, a plane ride, lots of waiting and two trains and I have finally arrived thanks to the generosity of those at the train station that helped me.

It's so beautiful already! I love the old rustic look of Italian architecture.  A lot of yellow and orange houses scattered throughout the green grass.  

I'm definitely not accustomed to the heat aswell! Stress mixed with me wearing clothes to cope with the cold in Geneva and the fact I haven't felt anything anywhere near warm temperatures in a very long time calls for a bit of a sweaty mess!

I have spent the last few days cleaning stables, feeding the horses, sweeping, and washing and treating the ponies for lice as well as some riding.  It is quite relaxing here in the afternoons however in the morning we work hard.  I have so far been to the markets and to the beach and tonight we are going to town to eat pizza and gelato. 

My time here has gone very fast already.  I speak almost no Italian and the people here don't speak an awful lot of English so there is a small amount of confusion at times however we have managed. The food here is also amazing! Another girl who works here is an exceptional cook and makes beautiful healthy meals for lunch and dinner. They eat a lot of salad and seafood which suits me well.  My host family is so lovely and have welcomed me with open arms and have been highly interested in the different way of life I come from.  It's a very different lifestyle and culture here and I have loved it.

Beautiful beaches here!

The indoor arena!

Beautiful stables!

Sunset on my first night here!

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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