My favourite hair care products for luscious locks!

Hello everyone! This week I'm blogging about my favourite hair care products! These are all products I have used for a long time and have trialled and stuck with for the last few years.  My mothers a hair dresser so they are more high end products sold in the salon more than the supermarket shelves.  These products are all items my mother uses regularly on her customers of many different hair types.  

Some important notes to take in before we roll on with this blog post is that I wash my hair every second evening.  I also have very long curly hair which is quite natural in colour with only a small amount of highlights.  My hair is also quite knotty and these are just products I have found that work with my hair and these may not be ideal for others with hair different to mine. 

The first items I use on a regular basis are my Biolage colour last shampoo and conditioner.  I have quite knotty long hair and the conditioner is great at getting those pesky birds nests out.  It also leaves my hair soft and quite light weight which I do struggle to achieve with other shampoos and conditioners as my hair is so thick.  It is also still fantastic to use if your hair is not coloured as mine is very natural in colour at the moment and it still works as great as when I was bleach blonde.

These next two products, Matrix Biolage Keratindose and Marix oil wonders Amazonian MuruMuru I use after my shower.  I put a small pump of each through wet hair with my hands focusing on the ends in particular after washing my locks.  I use the keratin cream mostly for knots while the oil for shine and together they help a lot with my hairs health and softness.

My next product is my go to dry shampoo from Batiste . This is honestly a life saver.  My hair can get quite greasy and this makes my day two hair look like it's been freshly washed.  I just spray it through the roots of my hair quite generously and then ruffle it through with my fingers and voila! Clean hair! 

I also use the Joico Silk Result on my hair when I straighten it to protect it from the heat.  I have found it has been really effective with my hairs health and makes it smell really nice and feel really soft!  It has also lasted forever! I've had it for about four years.  Although I do admit I barely ever straighten my hair! I'm too lazy! But the odd time I do I feel like it really helps protect it from harsh straightening and curling.

Next is the Matrix curl wonder! This stuff is sea salt spray and I apply this too my hair when I have beachy waves in! (Actually every day, my natural hair is beachy waves). It makes my curls look a little fuller and defined while controlling the frizz! Just spray a few times and ruffle it though your hair for more defined curls! 

So those are my go to products! I hoped this was interesting and helped those in need for a few fresh products for their hair or those just simply interested in what products work and are out there!

This is not sponsored and are all my own personal opinion.

Thank you,
See you until next time,
Love from Megan :)


  1. Great haircare picks! I love the Matrix Oil Wonders range so much. I thought it was going to make my hair really greasy but it was amazing.


  2. The products sound awesome. I don't use that many hair products myself (only shampoo), I think I should start caring more about my hair, though.. X

  3. I love your blog! have a nice weekend:)


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