Wow! Things have been busy lately! I'm sorry for abandoning you!  The last few weeks have been very busy for me I've had school mock exams, several assignments,  a paper run twice a week as well as working my saturday job, riding my horse, doing competitions, getting the flue, teaching a dance class as part of a school assignment and attempting to maintain a social life in addition to making time for my boyfriend and my family.  


I'm so glad I only have about 33 days left of school! I'm then done with school forever! I'm so happy as I'm not exactly extatic about going to school and never have been.  So that is fantastic.  We also had our first pony club rally of the new season tonight which went well and it was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone.  Christmas, the end of the year and then France is all going to come up very quickly I suspect.  

I have also been catching up with one of my best friends Grace the last few day as she is over visiting from Austalia for a few days. So that has been lovely.  I personally love spending time with my freinds especially ones I haven't seen in a while. I always find it really refreshing and it's so great to catch up.  So I challenge you, whoever is reading this to after liking and commenting on this post ;) to go and make an effort to reconnect or talk to one of your friends you may have not seen or spoken to in a while.  Even if it's just flicking a text or an email, it might suprise you and after all old friends are always the best friends. 

I hope you are doing well! See you next time! 

See you soon, Megan :) 


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