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The inevitability of our impending future :)

I apologise about my absence after a post on my tropical Holliday I didn't know what to post as I am unsure as to which direction I want this blog to go in and if we're being honest in didn't have another surreal beautiful holiday to share with you all as like who can afford that so whatever it was to be is a let down haha.
Over the past week I have been questioning my future in particular now so more than ever.  I mean I have always wondered and brainstormed what I was to be when I grew up.  When I was five it was a fairy. When I was seven a princess. Ten a teacher.  And now that I am almost seventeen and at a crucial stage in my life where I make the stressful life determining decision I have nothing.  No clue as to what I want to be.  
Over the past week I was asked to fill out my subjects for school next year which here in New Zealand starts in late January early February, I sat in front of my computer screen to fill out my subject choices with a blank expression.  My sc…