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Difficult decision!

Hello everyone! I thought I would just inform you and ask advice on my sticky situation.  I am currently in the process of deciding and planning out next year in regards to where I want to be and what I want to do.  
My options are: 1) Stay at home and work for a year. 2) Go to university to study in who knows what yet. 4) do a flight attendant course. 5) Work for a few months and then do a camp America exchange and teach in an American summer camp and travel The US for four months.  6) Travel overseas to Geneva Switzerland and work in a sky resort or a cafe there for 3 months and then do a Europe tour with my best friend.
Well looking at my options I think we can see number 4 four is pretty insanely cool!  The only issue is that I will be leaving my boyfriend for four months and I have a lack of funds.  I do really want to do this but am unsure of how to come up with the money.  Any money making ideas?
If you do have any suggestions or advice for coming up with money please comment below! 

My favourite outdoor activities!

Although it's winter here in New Zealand so it has limited my time outdoors I thought I would share some things I love to do in the outdoors! ❤️😍😘
My first thing I love doing outdoors is taking beach walks on one of New Zealands beautiful beaches! 😍

My second thing I love to do outdoors is swimming despite me not liking the cold water.
The third thing I love doing outdoors is being on the boat and fishing.
Thr fourth thing I love doing is going for long trek rides on my horse.
The fifth thing I love doing outdoors is frolicking in the sun on a hot summers day.
The sixth thing I love doing is exploring new places and travelling. And last but not least I love going for bush walks outdoors! 
All pictures have been taken by me or are a member of my family taking photos of me!
Thank you and see you in my next post! Love you all!
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