My favourite outdoor activities!

Although it's winter here in New Zealand so it has limited my time outdoors I thought I would share some things I love to do in the outdoors! ❤️😍😘

My first thing I love doing outdoors is taking beach walks on one of New Zealands beautiful beaches! 😍

My second thing I love to do outdoors is swimming despite me not liking the cold water.

The third thing I love doing outdoors is being on the boat and fishing.

Thr fourth thing I love doing is going for long trek rides on my horse.

The fifth thing I love doing outdoors is frolicking in the sun on a hot summers day.

The sixth thing I love doing is exploring new places and travelling.
And last but not least I love going for bush walks outdoors! 

All pictures have been taken by me or are a member of my family taking photos of me!

Thank you and see you in my next post! Love you all!

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