68 days and life update!

The final countdown has started! Not to long yet till I go away.  It's going to go unbelievably fast as I am in the middle of exams right now. After exams I will be working full time right up till Christmas Day six days a week, then I go away for New Years, then spend one night at home before I go away to the South Island for a couple weeks.  Then after I get back from the South Island I only have about two weeks before I go away.  It's exciting times ahead.  Although there are so many things I will miss.  It's a stressful time but I'm so excited to get out, explore and to leave the nest. I have lots to learn and it will be a shock to my system after living in the safe bundle of my parents care.

I have started collecting gear I will need over there.  I bought a ski jacket the other day.  Next on the list are ski pants, goggles and thermals.  I will also need a few more pairs of jeans! I'm running on a low supply.  I have also almost finished a bucket list of places to visit which will go up on my blog in a few days hopefully!  

On another equally as exciting note, I got my braces off.  It's been a very long journey for me with quite a few hiccups but finally after five years of photos, moulds, braces, new dentists, teeth extractions and hundreds of appointments, I have pretty teeth.  I am super happy with my new teeth and excited to finally not have braces.  I now have to wear a retainer full time for six months.  Although the retainer is clear it is still pretty obvious (well to me anyway) and quite uncomfortable.  The retainer is a lot more work than braces which I didn't realise.  I'm having to take it in and out every time I eat and clean it regularly.  I'm only on day two so I think I am still getting used to it, so I reckon it will get easier.  Well that's what I'm hoping anyway! All for pretty teeth! 

I am having a blog day today and I am going to write several blog posts that I have been planning for quite some so they will be posted in the next few weeks.  So stay tuned for those.

Anyways, that's me for today.  I hope you enjoyed my little low key, update kind of blog post for today.

Have a fantastic week!

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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