Welcome 2016!

I know I'm very late to the bandwagon with the New Years posts and all, but I've just returned from a weeks holiday so I have a little catching up to day after my time off. 

I spent the first two days of 2016 at home with my friends before flew to meet my parents in the South Island on the 2nd who had departed a few days earlier.  I spent a lovely week road tripping around the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.  I had a fantastic time and traveling made me appreciate the beauty of New Zealand and inspired me to take every opportunity to see the world and all its beauty.

Now I'm not one for 'New years resolutions' but as the new year is a way to celebrate the closing of one book and open our hearts to new adventures and experiences that the new year will bring us I made a few goals. 

1) My first goal is to go with the flow.  I'm one of these people who always needs strict plans but in turn is actually terrible at making them.  This year I want to focus on relaxing and letting things come to me and go the way the universe intended them to go instead of freaking out.

2) My second goal is to take every opportunity that comes to me.  Often I freak out in certain situations and through my relationships with certain people.  This year I want to focus on taking more opportunities that are given to me and taking them on full force even if it freaks me out or scares me.  

3) This is my third and final goal for myself.  This year I want to explore more, meet new people and travel the world.  Now these three things could easily be three seperate goals and I understand this but I want to slap them all together and call it 'Megan's exploration.'  My exploration of not only the world as I leave home to travel Europe in a matter of weeks but also to explore new places, new cultures, new experiences and lifestyles as well as new people and new friends. I personally think in exploring new aspects of my changing surroundings I will find new aspects in myself I didn't know existed living in my sheltered lifestyle in New Zealand and this will help me in finding myself and becoming a better person. 

So there are just a few goals I've made for myself in the coming year and I look forward to what 2016 has to offer me as it has already offered me so much in the last week.
If you have made any goals for yourself drop them below in the comments as I would love to read through them!

Me on January 3rd 2016

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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