Europe Trip Diary entry #3

Hello everyone! 

My life here has slowed down slightly after the excitement of new places and new beginnings!

Tamsin and I have been super busy and unfortunately haven't been able to spend much time up the mountain.  I have also managed to catch a horrible cold so have spent my days off over the weekend recouperating which includes Netflix, hot chocolates and naps.  Naps seem to be a very regular thing amongst the seasonaires here.  Seasonaires are the people who stay and work here for the winter season.

I have, since I last spoke to you managed to have a few nights out and enjoy the nightlife out here which is really good.  I have also met a few really lovely people here and made some friends which makes this part of the world slightly less daunting and more like home.

I have been away for a month today! That seems really crazy as I feel like it's gone so quickly.  For those of you who didn't think I could survive out of the family home! I've made it this far haven't I! Tamsin and I have have maintained a tidy apartment, cooked almost every single one of our dinners at home and done boring adult stuff like cleaning and doing a load of washing.  I'm pretty chuffed with how we've coped so far.  

I also booked my flights to Sardinia, an island of the coast of Italy.  In Sardinia I will be doing a working stay for a riding centre which has trekking and a riding school.  I'm looking forward to be working with horses again and exploring the beautiful Sardinian beaches.  

Here is the view from my skylight in my bedroom.

The beach near my working stay I will be going to in mid April

I hope you enjoyed my little update.  I apologise that it is not the most exciting one, I admit.  But the news of my working stay placement is exciting.  This will give me lots of things to write about.

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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