My mid winter escape

My mid winter escape

In early June my mother, father, younger sister and I escaped the winter chills that we were amidst in little cold New Zealand and took a holiday to the beautiful tropical island of Rarotonga.  We arrived at Auckland airport after a long four hour drive with many excited members of the road trip.  We had visited my Oma and Opa (my Dutch grandparents) at their place in the Bay of Plenty to visit my dearest Oma's to celebrate her 85th birthday and visit her in hospital as she was very sick.  After spending the weekend with the oldies we drove back to Auckland in time to catch our 7:00PM flight to Rarotonga.  As we were lining up to check in our luggage I spotted the very talented and famous Jamie Mcdell.  We ran over to take ask politely if we could have a quick picture. She was very willing to take a picture and asked us where we were travelling and told us about where she was going.  She was the kindest person and came across as a very down to earth and nice person. After also spotting a silver fern and capturing a few snaps with her, guzzling down a tank juice and munching down some food we boarded our flight which was to take us to our tropical destination and kicked back our feet and enjoyed the flight.  When we arrived In a much warmer climate we were greeted with lei's and taken to our beautiful and welcoming resort. After a sleeping for a few hours we woke up the next morning and spent the day lounging on the beach, taking in the sun, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and having mock tails on the beach. 

Jamie Mcdell and I

The very tall Maria Tutaia and I (I'm so short hahaha)

  Mock tails on the beach

The beach at low tide on the first evening

Very cuddly stray cats on the beach

Such tranquility

In Avarua the main town on the island one of the only open harbour places on the island the rest has a reef surrounding it making it very safe and great for snorkelling.

For the rest of the 10 days we were their we enjoyed the warmer weather and explored the tiny island by shopping in town and going right round the island twice on hired scooters,  indulged in the beautifully exquisite meals that were served on the island hung out on the beach, went on a lagoon cruise and snorkelled through the clear beautiful water with many fish.  

Muri beach

Rainy days sunset at low tide

Our resort we stayed at

Beautiful water features around the resort 

AMAZING sea food platter mum and dad ordered

Exploring the island

Sunset on the last night

The crystal clear water

Kayaking on a not so sunny day 

After an enjoyable 10 days on the beautiful tropical island we departed at 3 in the morning and headed back to the hustle and bustle of our hectic busy life's in Cold Auckland, New Zealand.  

Thank you very much if you took the time to read\view my blog post I hope it did not bore you too much and I hope someone had as much pleasure reading it as I did writing it.  

Thank you again if you would like to please kindly follow my blog for more posts it would be kindly appreciated.

Regards Megan :)


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