Update learning French and applying for a job!

Hello everyone! Slight update on my life.  I have just completed a CV (Before yesterday I had no idea what a CV even looked like) and handed it out to a restaurant/bar near where I live.  I'm planning to hand it out to a few places around the nearby town in hopes to find an extra job to earn money.  I have also signed up to take over someone's paper run for a few weeks so that will give me a little extra cash.  So everything is going well and I am being very productive and proactive so hopefully I will find a job soon.  
On a side note I have also began learning French.  I donwloaded an app my younger sister recommended to me yesterday which she is using in class to learn French called Duolingo.  I have actually found it a lot of fun so far!  It talks to you and it asks you to talk to it and it has all sorts of activities! I have a two day streak now and I am level two! 

Look how much I've achieved already! Woohoo!

So I am staying positive and being very proactive so I can go to France! I'm so excited! I think I am well on my way.

Goodbye till next time everyone!  I'll keep you posted so follow me to get regular updates!

Megan Cook


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