I'm 18!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! It's lovely to be back and I apologise for my absence.  I have been incredibly busy!

But anyways! I have since turned 18 and I am now finishing my last few weeks of school.  This is very exciting as I am now legal to drink and ending my studies after 13 years of studies.  I have 7 days left in which I will be studying furiously, participating in senior pranks and a drunk walk to school on the last day.  Those last two are rituals the year 13 leavers at my school do every year which I have looked forward to for years.  I also have graduation and leavers dinner to look forward too (I might have even put a sneaky confession in the box to be read out at leavers dinner 😱.) Also how cool are the new emojis!

I was very spoilt for my birthday and had a fantastic day! I got showered with gifts and had a lovely dinner with my boyfriend and family.  It is also my sisters birthday today and my boyfriends birthday tomorrow so I have a weekend full of celebrations ahead of me.

Tonight I'm going for drinks with a couple friends and my older sister and brother and a few of their friends.  I can now drink legally so that's cool!  (Definitely haven't been drinking illegally for years.😂😉) Although everyone is going to question my ID because I look about twelve.

So there's my little update of life! I hope you all are having a lovely time wherever you are.  I will try and keep you posted through exam time but I will be very crunched for time and experiencing a lot of stress.  Although I do have several posts planned out to do like a story I wrote for English, a graduation get ready for me and a lot of others! So look forward to some exciting posts!

Have a great weekend,
Love you all,
Megan Cook


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