Europe Trip Diary Entry #4 22nd, March 2016

Hello everyone!

I found a pretty little spot by Lac de Motriond on a walk the other week!

Long time no see I know! I apologise for my lack of posts I have been very busy.  
I thought I would inform you that I am in fact still alive and well! I am still enjoying my time in Morzine however I haven't achieved much mountain time unfortunately due to myself getting ill again (suprise suprise I know!) I feel like I recover from one illness and onto another!  I am hoping to hit the slopes hard in my last segment of my stay here in the next couple of weeks or so and even get a few lessons and conquere some more challenging runs and improve my confidence.

We had a massive downpour of snow a couple of weeks ago however since then it hasent snowed at all and the weather has really warmed up resulting in pretty average snow right at the minute.  All of us here are just crossing our skis for another downpour, however it is slightly doubtful as we are now heading into spring.  

We are now entering the last month or so of the season now which is really odd as the time seems to have gone so quickly while being out here.  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm leaving in just over 3 weeks to Sardinia and it's only a month and 6 days until my big trip starts.  It's a melancholy feeling when your time in a place like this starts beginning to come to a close.  Although I would love to stay I'm also so excited to be off onto new and exciting pastures and to see more of this beautiful chunk of the world.  The end nearing also makes me ponder and ponder more on what I would like to do after my trip.  Whether to stay in Europe or to go home.  Whether to go home and work, study or go to Queenstown for a season.  There are so many options that all seem so good but I'm just keeping my options open and going with the flow and seeing where the next couple months take me.

I would like to also give a little shoutout to two of my best friends! Shannon who turned 18 on the 22nd of March and Grace who turned 19 on the 21st.  It's weird being away for your friends big moments in life.  I haven't not seen Shannon on or at least around her birthday since she probably turned 7 and now she's turned the big 18 and I'm 18,569Km away from her.  These are the moments when I thank the lord for modern technology and the ability to wish her a happy birthday and her receive it 3 seconds later on the other side of the world.  However I do have to say time difference is a bitch! 

Anyway! That is my little update for this week! I hope you enjoyed it and I will try my hardest to make another one this time next week for you all.  

I watched an ice hockey game for the first time last week! Intense game!

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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