Europe Trip Diary Entry #5 4th April, 2016

Hello everyone! How are we all? I hope you had a fantastic Easter.  

I understand Easter was over a week ago but I thought I would recall my Easter for those of you who care.  I began my Easter morning in one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.  Being in church on that Sunday morning brought a very melancholy feeling upon me.  I sat in church all alone when I am used to spending every Easter in church with my family at home.  Being in church made me miss my family more than ever however I realised that although I didn't understand the language (it was a French mass) nor did I know anyone I felt welcome there.  I felt like we were all a family of people , accepting of each other despite us being a large variety of cultures and language we were all there together for the same reason.  It felt very homely and made my Easter away from home a lot easier.

I spent that next part of my day doing my food shopping and eating chocolate before going out for dinner with a group of friends and having a few drinks at the bar.  

I now have just under two weeks left here and I am getting as much skiing in as possible.  This means exploring new runs and freaking out at the top of one of the longest runs on my own! Whoops! I am slowly improving and gaining more speed day by day!

Here is a picture at the top of one of my runs this morning!

I have decided recently that I am in fact returning to New Zealand at the end of May and I will go home to spend a season in Queenstown to work and live.  After my season there I am hoping to come back to the UK to live and work for a couple years until I decide to settle down and have a career.  
I have come to a realisation whilst being here that I need to stop stressing over my future so much.  There are so many older people here doing seasons and travelling, living a very carefree life without settling down and it has taught me that settling down at a young age isint as necessary as I previously assumed.  It's taught me to be young and carefree and to focus on travelling and living my life the way I want to.  

So I think that is all I have to say for this week.  Not to much of an update but I think I may do either a favourites post of things I'm loving or a post on how to survive learning to ski! So look out for those coming your way at a slightly later date.  

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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  1. hope you are having a great trip:)

    jess x |


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